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H Type Back Pressure Valves & Two-Way Check Valves

Type 'H' Back Pressure Valves & Two-Way Check Valves

What are type 'H' Back Pressure Valves (BPV)?

G.B. Industy's type ‘H’ Back Pressure Valves (BPV) are used to safely seal tubing pressure up to 20,000 PSI during tree installation, remove the blowout preventer, and circulate fluid back down the tubing. 

If the tree above the tubing is to be pressure tested, the ‘H’ Two-Way Check Valve (TWCV) is landed in the tubing hanger to allow testing of pressure up to 20,000 PSI.

Shallow threads on the ‘H’ Back Pressure and Two-Way Check Valves provide strength for extreme pressure with minimum reduction in bore size, providing a passage of API drifts for the size of the tubing suspended.

What are the benefits of ‘H’ BPV and TWCV?

GBI ‘H’ BPV and TWCV Benefits:

  • Manufactured in the USA, ranging in sizes from 2” to 6-5/16” OD and available in all API material trims
  • Hold highest well pressures on the market for all API material trims
  • Assembled, Tested, and Stenciled in-house
  • API-Monogrammed with in-house Hydro-Test 

Call our experts at G.B. Industry today to learn more about why we're your number one Type-H Back Pressure Valve (BPV) & Two-Way Check Valve (TWCV) manufacturer.

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H Type Back Pressure Valves & Two-Way Check Valves


Removal and Installation Tools for all BPV & TWCV sizes from and into tubing hangers.

‘H’ BPV Thread Chasers thread within tubing hanger, available for all produce back pressure valve sizes.

‘H’ Type Solid Test Plug to test wellhead equipment, available for producing back pressure valves sizes.   

Repair Kits are available for BPV & TWCV in all sizes and material trims.

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