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Slip Type & Wellhead Casing Hangers

Slip Type & Wellhead Casing Hangers

What is a Casing Hanger?

Casing hanger, or casing slip hangers – wellhead subassembly that supports casing string, creates an annular space and provides an annulus seal, transfers casing weight, centers casing, and allows for testing of connections. 

GBI offers slip-type casing hangers, the most used type of casing hangers for light, medium, and heavy casing loads for Surface Wellhead & Tree. Slip Type casing hangers include C-21, C-22, C-29, and C21-P. We also offer Custom CSG HGR.

GBI slip-type casing hangers, or casing slip hangers are available as automatic and manual. Automatic hangers seal are energized by casing weight, while non-automatic hangers seal are energized by techniques other than casing weight.

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Casing Slip Hangers & Slip Type & Wellhead Casing Hangers

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What are the Benefits of Casing Slip Hangers?

There are several benefits of casing hangers or casing slip hangers. These benefits include:

  • High load capacity with evenly casing load distribution to the bowl
  • Compact envelope, flexible and safe
  • Custom materials
  • Low cost at quick turnaround
  • Simple, reliable, trouble-free operations
  • Fits API casing and Oil & Gas Industry Wellhead and Spool sizes
  • Field-proven performance

What is the Purpose of a Casing Hanger?

The primary purpose of a casing hanger is to support and seal the casing strings within the wellhead. These casing strings are large-diameter pipes that are inserted into the wellbore during drilling and cemented in place. Casing hangers serve the following critical functions:

  • Support: Casing hangers support the weight of the casing strings, preventing them from collapsing or shifting within the wellbore. This ensures the structural integrity of the well.
  • Sealing: Casing hangers create a seal between the casing and the wellhead, preventing the escape of hydrocarbons and other fluids from the well. This is essential for safety and environmental protection.
  • Isolation: They isolate different sections of the wellbore, allowing for the injection of fluids, such as cement or drilling mud, and the production of hydrocarbons from specific reservoir zones.

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